With head honcho Kirk McKay at the helm, JunkMan is steeped in the community spirit; helping wherever we can. From donating unwanted goods to charity, engaging retired craftsmen in upcycling broken and battered items and establishing social enterprises for the good of the whole community.

Locally and overseas, Kirk freely gives his knowledge and time to make the world sparkle a bit more.

We could all use a bit more kindness and elbow grease, it’s a good thing JunkMan has plenty of that to give.

Call Junkman on 0800JUNKMAN and have a chat to our experienced and friendly crew about how we can help you!


Experience is hard earned knowledge and skill. It’s not something that can be faked, or quickly acquired, yet it always seems to be in short supply.

Not many companies have the grit to stick around long in the waste industry, let alone work to make positive change.

We have, and we’ll be here in for plenty more decades to come. By then we’ll probably be looking like Yoda and using the Force to shift rubbish. Here’s hoping.


Manpower is money, and until robots allow us all to retire at 18, the best way to save money – and manpower – is through efficient time management and pro-active problem solving.

Our JunkMen aren’t just pretty muscles, they’re trained to be quick responders, effective decision makers, speedy solution finders and smartly presented with a smile to boot.

We basically have the A Team working with us… minus the explosions, wearing slightly less bling.


We’re in this gig to make change by diverting waste from landfills, not cash from your wallet.

We consider the cost to you in every job we do, and work like we missed cardio day at the gym to keep our labour costs low (who needs a gym membership anyway?).

By sorting waste and recycling or repurposing what we can, we reduce your dump fees.

Our load-you-own trailer skips and daily dump shuttle runs provide cost effective ways to remove your rubbish without throwing your savings out too.